We're an agile team of professionals who have an eye for bringing out the best in organisations. Our ability to analyse and create solutions for organisations, help increase productivity, morale and worth.

Our focus is on the well-being and value or your most important asset - people.


Helping your organisation reach it's potential and continued growth is at the forefront of what drives us. 


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Dave Lasike

Founder and Principal

With over 20 years experience developing solutions to increase productivity, Dave has been one of the driving forces behind the initiative to increase innovation in Te Hiku. Dave brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to help develop real solutions that look at sustainability and feasibility.

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Anita Lasike

Project Manager

Anita brings an eye for detail and a drive for results. Her experience with large organisations and an interest in building local businesses allows her to connect with those at the heart of small to medium communities.